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It’s impossible to get where you want to go if you can’t define where that is. One of the primary jobs of leaders is to look ahead in the areas of business, leadership, life, and legacy. At Oak Road Consulting we help you define where you want to go, provide the tools you need to get there, and support you as you intentionally work through your plans.

We offer two types of Planning Strategies to best fit your path to success:  

Facilitated Planning & Self-Facilitated Planning

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Our Planning Services include:

Facilitated Planning

Our facilitated planning offers a full facilitated experience throughout your path to success.  Our trained facilitators hold you accountable, while helping you explore every aspect of our 4 Plans - Life, Legacy, Leadership and Business.

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Oak Road Consulting offers a customized strategic and operational planning system developed by Tom Paterson and refined by more than 40 years of practical application across diverse industries and sizes of companies. StratOp is a certified facilitated in-depth business plan system that aligns a team and defines how each individual should be working toward the ultimate goals of the business. The process can be used for all kinds of team problem-solving efforts—either in businesses or in not-for-profit organizations like churches, educational institutions, and social service enterprises. 

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Legacy Plan

The Oak Road Consulting Legacy Plan is the keystone to our facilitated process. Our experienced professionals prompt you to develop a plan by asking questions to help you form clarifying thoughts and identify actions to take to be intentional about your legacy. We borrow a phrase from author Stephen Covey “beginning with the end in mind.” If you know where you want to go, we can help you get there.

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Life Plan

At Oak Road Consulting we offer a certified facilitated deep-dive into planning for an individual or a couple. LifePlan is a customized planning system designed by Tom Paterson. LifePlan helps you discover how your unique design shapes your life mission and how these discoveries can be lived out in five domains of your life: Personal, Family, Vocation, Spiritual, and Community.

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Self-Facilitated Planning

Our self-facilitated approach allows you to set your pace as you work through the 4 Plans set forth in our guide, The Roadmap to Success.

Four Plans Distance Learning

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How Can We Help You Succeed?

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