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Testimonials: Testimonials

"It's been great to join a new peer group focused not just on success but on how you can leverage success for true significance.  The group is like minded yet brings a variety of perspectives and ideas.  so far, two great sessions"

Tim Ancona - S2S Member

"Strategic Thinkers.




Trusted Partners...

The words we used after meeting with Oak Road Consulting.  Before working with them, we knew generally what we wanted to be, but we had yet to put structure around it.  They helped us refine our goals and build a plan for success.  What's more, they helped our leadership team build solid consensus around that plan.  The impact they had on us is immeasurable."

 Hydden Team

"S2S peer groups have been incredibly valuable for me after I sold my business.  The shared wisdom from a talented group of leaders has been extremely beneficial for me as I look toward the "what's next" for myself.  I strongly recommend joining an S2S peer group if you are ready to move from success to significance!"

Chris Chirgwin - S2S member

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