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StratOp takes a multi-level, cross-organizational approach grounded in practical implementation to avoid producing a plan that, after it is completed, simply gathers dust on a shelf. As the name implies StratOp incorporates Strategic, Operational and Financial planning:

  1. Strategic: planning for tomorrow – today

  2. Operational: managing today – today

  3. Financial: paying for both the strategic and operational

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The StratOp process is designed to achieve breakthrough solutions based upon facts and cross-functional perspectives. Most strategic planning processes move as quickly as possible from perceived problem to assumed solution, missing key insights that give unity and competitive advantage.  StratOp is different, emphasizing perspective first.  When we first understand how we got here, our plans for the future are built on sharper insight and provide more effective solutions.  This unique Perspective Phase is essential to designing a plan that is truly customized to your organization’s DNA and thus has a higher probability of successful implementation.

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Your StratOp Guide will use over 25 proven tools to guide your team through the six phases of the StratOp process:

1.           Perspective - where are we now?

2.           Planning - where are we headed?

3.           Action - what’s important now?

4.           Structure - what form is needed for success?

5.           Management - how are we doing?

6.           Renewal - what must change?

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