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Growing a business is hard. Many companies fail to achieve what is needed, let alone what they dream of accomplishing. Oak Road Consulting has the experience you need to help you define success and empower you to move forward.  Our team will walk with you in areas including startups, growth, mergers & acquisitions, and board services, turning your ambitions into reality.

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At Oak Road Consulting, we help entrepreneurs start with the end in mind and develop a business plan. We help new businesses formalize and understand their purpose and create guidelines to get started in the right direction from the very beginning. Our consultants can help you determine what business model is right for you, formally register your business, formulate a strategy, and navigate many other aspects of building your business successfully.

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There are two types of growth companies: companies looking to grow to create balance so they can do something else, and companies looking to grow to create value. Either type will encounter multiple sets of predictable hurdles as they grow. With our help, you can overcome these hurdles by planning in advance for how to grow effectively.

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If mergers and acquisitions is part of your strategy, Oak Road Consulting brings decades of experience to the transition process and can provide insight, ideas, and feedback. Although we are not attorneys, CPAs, or brokers, we can provide perspective and guidance based on our experiences and serve as a second set of eyes and ears as you strategize and plan.

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Board Services

At Oak Road Consulting, we are available to serve as board members for growing companies looking for a seasoned professional to weigh in. External perspective is a valuable tool. We can help you see the forest for the trees  and prevent mistakes that are made when a board consists entirely of people that are too close to the organization.

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Hive 452 is a small town business incubator and accelerator. We believe the American economy is built on small business. Our goal is to give businesses the knowledge and tools they need and a safe place to start and grow in Shelby County, Iowa. We provide affordable rent, coaching, consulting, and support as entrepreneurs work to build successful businesses in our community.

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